Recommendation: My Sexual Peak – Emilia Blythe

If there is a category ‘best Kindle Erotica’ then this new book by new author Emilia Blythe must surely be in it.

There is a fact that women reach their sexual peak at around 40 and men at 19, or is it a myth? It certainly seemed like that to Evelyn Graham! She was now 40, on the cusp of middle age, recently divorced and when she looked in the mirror she no longer relished her reflection. She was still attractive, with a pretty face, and fine lustrous brunette hair but the flush of youth had long left her. She had always been a good girl; that’s how she had been brought up. She’d followed the moral path, married young, had a daughter, been faithful, even though her husband had not been, and was no great shakes in bed!

She’d been hard-working and now, as she reached the tipping point of middle-age, she suddenly had nothing.

17052939_lHer daughter Isabella was at university, leading a full educational and sexual life, a life that made Evelyn irrationally confused and envious and now her husband was off with some juvenile, stupid bimbo!

At 40, she didn’t feel needed or wanted or sexual at all; she just felt lost!

But sometimes the hour of greatest darkness comes just before the dawn and a new sexual day and adventure was arising for her, all she needed to do was reach bottom and suddenly there was only one way to go. Could she let go of her sexual repression and deep set childhood morality that seemed no longer relevant in this strange new modern world. Did she have the courage to grasp the raw, physical, nettle of life?

All she needed was to take that first step, that first venture into a new dark sexuality and sensuality that would take her permanently away from the tepid shore of existence she had lived on for so long.

This is an unforgettable debut novel from new author Emilia Blythe that finally lays bare the truth about a mature, but somehow naïve and inexperienced woman, coming to terms with getting, just that bit older, and rectifying her mistakes whilst she still could.  The story is insightful and poignant and shows what can be achieved when events and circumstances force a woman to look at herself and make changes, decisions and sexual choices that seemed but a fantasy just a short while before. Sometimes, success and personal development is driven by nothing more than necessity and survival.

An emotional tale bristling with debased sexual discovery, energy and realisation that will make you believe that the old wives tale of a sexual peak at 40 and beyond, for a woman, is in fact…definitely true!


I was still pretty, shiny dark hair, with good skin and bone structure but the lines and the tired grey and green eyes showed that recent life had not been kind.

Charles left me about three years ago; we hadn’t been happy for a long time, if we ever had? But it still came out of the blue.

He told me he needed a break, some space, a little time but it was lies; he went straight to his young mistress who welcomed him and his cheque book with open arms, and open legs probably!

Was I bitter?

I suppose I was!

Not for the loss of Charles, although the new loneliness and solitude didn’t much suit me; nor the love that had disappeared long ago, or even the irregular and laborious sex some time before that!

If I could remember that far back; the copulation and intimacy was pretty awful even when it had been at its’ best!

But I was bitter for my loss.

My loss of my life that was!

It seemed to have drifted by me as if I had been a spectator.

My only speck of comfort was my dear sweet daughter Isabella, who I loved and adored.

Thankfully she had been a grown up 17 year old when her father and I were divorced and now she was 20, at university studying law.

She was now fully confidently independent and no longer in need of her mummy anymore.

At least when she was young and needy I felt there was a purpose to my life and I strangely missed her reliance and dependence on me but, those Halcyon days were passed and now there was only me to think about.

The sad truth was that no-one needed me anymore!

I looked at myself again, at my lined face and tight eyes and thought that I seemed so fatigued and lacking in energy.

I turned to the side to see if my figure was still svelte, and it was, but I held my large breasts and they were saggier than I recalled and it only reinforced my lack of confidence in my appearance.

I sat and made some tea and just decided that my life depressed me!

All I had to show for my 40 years was my small two-bedroom flat at the side of the park; Charles had hidden all his money in the wrangle of the divorce, as he had his own business and was something of a charlatan!

I knew from hard experience that my ex-husband was a selfish bastard!

I could say, as all men were but the truth was I had little experience to know such a thing.

I had boyfriends before Charles and was much sought after when I had been younger but my husband was the first real man that I had physical relations with and somehow, back in those innocent days, I had been brought up to believe that once you had sex with a man, then you were married.

And we soon were wed; I was a mere slip of a girl at 21, with Isabella growing inside me, and just a few weeks after qualifying in accountancy from university, my life seemed to be set out and completed before it had hardly started.

I knew it was my own fault, it was somehow all of my own choices, but why was I in such a moronic rush to be settled and have a family?

It was a lot to do with my own mother, my upbringing; always being taught to do the right thing, be nice and moral and kind and… frightened?

Was I frightened of life?

I suppose I was and always had been and look where playing it safe had got me?

I was proverbially up the creek without a paddle.

I was old, poor and had virtually the same job with the multinational financial firm I had joined just after Isabella had been born.

I had received zero settlement from my former husband, other than a deposit for the flat, and seemed to now just scrape by financially from week to week

The company I worked for were nice enough, they had always held my position open for me while I had to work part time throughout my daughter’s childhood.

But the sacrifices I made meant the promotions and elevations were for less qualified, able and deserving others, mainly men that didn’t have to carry the burden of a vagina around with them!

It seemed that to get on in life you needed to have a dick!

I sipped my tea and felt myself pulsing in anger at the sheer hopelessness of it all, life was so unfair, especially to me!

The one small ray of comfort was that Isabella was coming home this evening to stay overnight with me and I was looking forward to seeing her pretty face and listening to her outlandish tales from university.

My daughter was not like me at all!

She was wild, courageous, clever and adventurous and seemed to take life head on at all times.

She would tell me intimately about boys she was involved with and it constantly shocked me that she appeared to be so sexually daring and promiscuous and unashamedly proud to be so!


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