Classic interracial sex story – Sibling Rivalry

Anyone who has read this blog knows that I am a Big Fan of author Tiggy Mills. And this is certainly the case after reading her latest offering ‘Sibling Rivalry.’ This story takes the ‘interracial sex story’ to new levels of erotic delight. Who else can write so compellingly about the ‘darker’ side of interracial sex, degradation, humiliation and domination than the diving Miss Mills? Highly recommended, a long, powerful, stimulating and ‘meaty’ read…




A lurid tale of interracial lust and how a single dynamic black man can take sexual control of a whole family in an unbelievably warped way. If you like your sex, as you like your coffee, strong black with a delicious twist of white, then this is definitely the story for you! A tale that could only be born through the bestselling mind of Tiggy Mills.

This is a most lurid tale of interracial lust and how a single dynamic black man can take sexual control of a whole family in an unbelievably perverted way. This story extends the boundaries of interracial domination, humiliation and control…

Living things always have to be true to their nature. Scorpions sting and Roosters have to dominate and spread their seed regardless of any morality. Celia and Anna are young and rich sisters sent by their Member of Parliament father to explore an inner city, sink estate for political information and experience. Two, young, innocent, plump chick lets that somehow naively, meet and become involved with the biggest, darkest Cock who captivates them and who’s sexual power proves irresistible. But it was only for few days and what can happen in a week or so? But it was long enough to change everything – not only for the chick lets but for their whole family. The dangerous black Rooster acquires a control, and his sense of perversion knows no bounds!


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