Three Stories of Female Domination

Among the best kindle erotica this week are three really excellent stories of female domination. All are highly recommended reads for anyone who likes the serious end of female domination erotica.

Taking pride of place is ‘The Tutorial’ by the excellent Christina Marshall.

A highly charged story of erotic female domination.

When Louise West presents her dissertation plan to her university supervisor, he dismisses it with scorn. A study of sado-masochistic relations in literature just isn’t scholarly enough apparently. However, Louise is no ordinary student. Dr Graham Sheldon does not reckon on her sheer determination of his student or her ‘special’ powers of persuasion. When he visits her home to provide her with a tutorial he unwittingly enters a world of pain and fantasy from which he will never escape.

From the author: ‘When I was at university I had a relationship with one of my more senior lecturers. It was brief but very intense. It was a relationship in which I was completely in charge. I felt the wonderful juxtaposition of reversing the usual status of lecturer and student, of having him at my back and call, of teasing him and occasionally hurting him. In this story are two people who have a very unconventional need for each other. It also represents the fulfilment of a long held and frustrated fantasy on the part of the submissive.’

Work count: 9,185




Following up her success with the story ‘Given to Miss Tate‘ come another ‘Slavehouse’ story from Charlotte Benning: ‘Miss Pearson’s Slavehouse.’

Reports of ‘goings on’ at her address brought two policemen and a woman from Social Services to Miss Pearson’s door. The three of them were relishing the prospect of seeing what exactly lay behind the imposing façade, and using the authority of the state to pick over someone else’s life.

But this call was to be different from their usual. Miss Pearson’s house is no ordinary dwelling, and what goes on there is no ordinary life.

It is a Slavehouse. And all those who enter are changed by the experience…their positions, their authority and their uniforms are no protection…

A highly-charged erotic tale of domination, power, control and enslavement from the author of the bestselling ‘Given to Miss Tate.’

Word count: 8,104





Finally, and again from Charlotte Benning, we have a tale or true enslavement. ‘Nevermore to Sleep.’

A story of captivity and domination, power and enslavement…one small mistake and a life is gone…

He called at the house where the two girls lived on a thundery, summer’s evening. He intended no harm, and meant no offence but he touched something that is perilous to disturb, deadly to provoke, and utterly vain to resist. Soon he was trapped, his life no longer his own, his choices irrelevant.

He attempted to flee but it did him no good; he begged but it gained him nothing; he wept but only met bitterly scornful laughter: he was helpless before the Power which now held him – fierce and vengeful, beautiful and final.

He knew this was his life now, he knew it in his heart…nevermore to sleep.

Word count@: 8,546



All three stories published by Tantalus-Press



© 2012, Janey Pilsbury. All rights reserved.

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