Story: Sexual Blackmail – Extract

I love writing stuff that really turns me on. I love communicating with my audience in the best possible way. I have just reviewed all my stories using  Grammarly for proofreading because I like to wage the War on Error and present my stuff the best that it can be, ‘Sexual Blackmail’ is the title […]

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Recommendation: My Sexual Peak – Emilia Blythe

If there is a category ‘best Kindle Erotica’ then this new book by new author Emilia Blythe must surely be in it. There is a fact that women reach their sexual peak at around 40 and men at 19, or is it a myth? It certainly seemed like that to Evelyn Graham! She was now […]

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Recommended: The Headmaster and Mrs Jones

Forced sex crime story. A meeting with her young son’s Headmaster begins a nightmare of blackmail, humiliation and non-consensual sex for Mrs Debbie Jones. Her son is to be ‘permanently excluded’ from the ‘good’ school he attends and the only alternative is the notorious Hesketh Grange, a rough slum school on a crime-ridden estate. Mr […]

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Recommendation: ‘The Den’ by Cherry Wild

I am pleased to highly recomend a brilliant story of sexual humiliation, compulsive need with ‘horror’ overtones is ‘The Den’ by Cherry Wild. Diana leaves her comfortable home in an affluent suburb and ventures into the rough side of town. ‘The Den’ is a hidden place which offers for those willing to pay the price […]

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